Helpful Hints for Your Rowing Machine Workout

Among the different types of workout options the rowing machine offers a course of movement that is one of the smoothest. The workout is easy on the joints and involves approximately 84 % of the body’s muscle groups. This makes the rower ideal for a whole body workout. Not only is it great exercise for the muscles but it also strengthens your cardio vascular system. The rowing machine is an excellent combination of strength and endurance training. It also requires body control and concentration. Find the rowing machine buying guide here

Using the Correct Technique on the Rowing Machine

  • Press your feet firmly against the board. Keep the back straight but slightly forward, the arms are extended with muscles released, do not lift the shoulders.
  • Extend the legs, the shoulders are pulling back. During the stroke the body opens wide. The further the body is stretched the more angled the arms become.
  • The legs are extended, the stomach muscles are tense, and the feet continue to be firmly pressed against the board.
  • The arms are pulling the handle toward the chest, the back remains straight.
  • Straighten the arms, the upper body moves slowly forward.
  • The upper body continues its forward movement (straight back), the weight shifts from the rear of the rolling seat to the front.
  • Keep rolling forward with the seat, bending the legs, the arms will stay straight with the muscles released. The back and head are in a straight line.

The Proper Rowing Machine Workout

Unfortunately rowing machines do not offer a heart rate read out on the display. This does not allow for a heart rate controlled workout. We recommend the purchase of a heart rate monitor and watch if need be.
Since a heart rate controlled workout is not possible, it is important to choose a rhythm that is comfortable and can be kept constant over an extended period of time. This will prevent your muscles to overacidify and premature exhaustion to set in.

Here are a few points that are, next to using the correct technique, very important to help you reach your training goals.

  • Always keep your back straight. Make sure you check your posture periodically.
  • Do not ever fully extend your legs.
  • Breathe out on the back stroke and breathe in as you are rolling forward.
  • Breathe evenly

Make sure to keep the course of movement even and smooth and avoid common mistakes while training. Your body and your fitness will thank you for it.